Academy (In-Person Only)

Academy Located In San Antonio, TX

Our comprehensive program equips you with the essential skill sets required in the field of barbering. It encompasses technical training, fostering creativity, and refining your business acumen. Through our versatile curriculum and nurturing environment, you’ll acquire the proficiencies necessary to meet the qualifications for obtaining a barber’s license.

You’ll Acquire:

  • Texas barber license

You’ll Learn The:

FC Core Pillars

Technical skills

      • Haircutting Services
      • Chemical Services
      • Shaving and Trimming of the Beard
      • Disinfection and Sanitation Health and Safety Considerations


        • Budgeting & Financial Planning
        • Understanding Taxes

Personal development

      • Building clientele

      • Communication skills

      • Time management

      • Goal setting

      • Mindset it takes to be successful

Marketing & Branding

      • Brand identity

      • Content creation

      • Camera basics

      • Video editing basics


We want you to be fully equipped for success. That’s why our Future Professionals receive a comprehensive professional kit filled with all the essentials. Your kit includes mannequin heads, shears, clippers and trimmers, a straight-edge razor, combs, clips, and much more. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be ready to excel in school and embark on your dream career with confidence

This is to become a Licensed Barber in the State of Texas

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